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Tent Sleepover


Dear Parents,

In term 4 it has become a tradition that all the Year 4,5 and 6’s have a sleepover in tents. We are interested in your feedback around the organisation of this.

The sleepover consists of the children planning and cooking their own dinner and breakfast using gas cookers, a talent quest organised by the Year 6 students and then all the children spending the night sleeping in tents on the school field. Obviously all well supervised by staff and parents.

If you could fill out this short survey and return it to the office it will help us with our planning for the end of the year.

Thank you so much for your feedback.

June Malcolm, Lee Rattray, Judi Scrimgeour.




The sleepover should continue as is with all Year 4,5,6.

23 (63%)

1 (2%)

The sleepover should continue as is for the Year 5 and 6.

3 (8%)

The sleepover should just be for the Year 6’s.

5 (13%)

The sleepover should not happen at all.

All Year 4,5 and 6’s participate in the cooking of dinner but only Year 5 and 6’s sleep over.

1 (2%)

All Year 4,5 and 6’s participate in the cooking of dinner but only Year 6’s sleep over.

3  (8%)

Findings from the Survey.

36 Year 3-6 Families returned the survey form. It is quite clear that the majority of parents would prefer that we keep the current format. (63%)

10% felt the sleepover would be more suitable for just the Years 5-6.

13% felt it should just be for the Year 6’s.

A useful suggestion was that we do some teaching beforehand on how to cook on the gas cookers safely. This would be especially helpful for the Year 4’s.

The comments in support of the sleepover focussed on the growth of the students over the 3 years and what a wonderful community event it was. It is a tradition that the younger children look forward to. It is a good opportunity for the Year 6’s to show leadership.

Some parents were concerned over the next day and the tiredness factor and a few parents felt it should be for the Year 6’s so it is a special final event for them.